Ymarfer Cymraeg
Practising Welsh


The most important thing you can do do to improve your Welsh is to practise speaking Welsh at every opportunity! At the start it might seem strange and even a little scary but have a go and have fun with it!


sgwrs2Here are some suggestions for you:


  • Each time you see someone always greet them with “Shwmae”. See how long it takes for people to start doing the same back! 
  • Instead of saying Thank-you say “Diolch”. It’s sure to get you a smile!
  • Find a friend who also wants to practise and try to have a conversation every day in Welsh. Don’t worry if it’s very very short! A little and often is the way to success!
     ci 2
  • Talk to your pet in Welsh! Can you teach your dog to “Eistedd”?
  • Find a TV programme in Welsh on S4C that you enjoy watching, it doesn’t matter what it is. There are some great fun programmes for little children on ‘Cyw’ that you’ll probably be able to follow quite easily! Or what about watching the rugby in Welsh? You can see what’s happening anyway but you’ll hear the Welsh commentary and see the Welsh graphics on screen so you’ll soon pick up some bits and pieces of new Welsh. There are two great programmes for people who are learning Welsh:
    • Hwb – is presented by Nia Parry and Matt Johnson and is on Sunday afternoons;
    • cariad@iaith – follows a group of people learning Welsh and living together for a week.