Supporting your child

There are many ways you can support your child in learning Welsh at school. The most important thing you can do is to show interest in what she is learning in Welsh, ask about the lessons and what homework has been set. Ask your child to teach you something she has learnt!

How do we learn?

It is a great help when preparing for assessments if your child understands how best they learn. Have a look at the why study Languages site together and play the R u fit? quiz to find out what kind of language learner you both are. It’s a bit of fun and will give you both a good understanding of how you best learn.

Helping with homework

If you have some knowledge of Welsh yourself you can be a huge help by talking in Welsh together. Even if you only know a little bit of Welsh try to use some every cymorth cyntafday. When your child has a conversation to practise speak one of the parts with him; when he has to learn vocabulary help by testing him aloud; when he has reading to do listen to him reading aloud and discuss the text together. Don’t worry if your child’s Welsh sounds different from yours, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong!

If you don’t know any Welsh yourself ask your child to explain what she is doing and what she finds easy and difficult. Ask her to teach you what she learnt today. Test her by reading the English to her and asking her to respond in Welsh.

Fancy learning Welsh?

There are lots of ways to learn Welsh as an adult. For information on classes in your area go to Learn Welsh.

To learn on the internet go to Say Something in Welsh and join the SSiW community!  The 35 lessons of Course 1 are free!