Careers with Welsh

The further your child continues with his studies in Welsh the more useful it will be for a career. Fluent Welsh speakers are in high demand in careers such as:

  • Media and performing
  • Journalism
  • Welsh Government
  • Teaching – especially primary teaching
  • Local Government
  • Health and Social Services
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising

By studying Welsh to A Level students are usually able to “cross the bridge” and become fluent Welsh speakers. The Welsh second language A Level is a highly respected and accepted qualification by all UK universities, proving as it does that the student has learned a language to a very high level.

Welsh is available at universities in Wales as a degree subject, either single honours or as a joint degree with another subject. Students can also study other subjects or take particular modules through the medium of Welsh which will further develop their Welsh language skills.


Case Studies

Emma Smith
Sarita Marshall
Sarah Williams
Rhiannon Wade

"The Welsh language is very important to me"

“The Welsh language is very important to me”

Speaking Welsh will open up a whole new world to you

“Speaking Welsh will open up a whole new world to you”

Speaking Welsh is essential to me

“Speaking Welsh is essential to me”

“Keep at it and try to make Welsh part of your life”