Rhiannon Wade

Rhiannon Wade went to Corpus Christi High School in Cardiff and studied Welsh second language, Spanish and PE at A Level.  She had always enjoyed Welsh at school and also had the chance to train in Welsh with the Urdd whilst she was doing A Level Welsh.  “Learning Welsh came naturally to me and there were always opportunities to enjoy in Welsh, either by going to Llangrannog or through Urdd sports.”

At Aberystwyth University Rhiannon studied Welsh and then worked as president of the Welsh-speaking students union.  She now works as a sports development officer with the Urdd.  Rhiannon’s family were always very supportive to her learning Welsh and her younger brother is now trying to beat her mark at A Level Welsh himself!

Speaking Welsh is very important to Rhiannon, “All my college friends speak Welsh and now my work is all in Welsh.  I don’t feel as if I’ve learnt Welsh because since being in school it’s become an essential part of my life.”

And for young people in school now?  “Keep at it and try to make Welsh part of your life, that’s the easiest way to learn the language.”