Sarah Williams


Sarah Williams is now a teacher in a Welsh medium primary school in Cardiff.  Originally from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, Sarah went to Sir Thomas Picton School where she studied Maths, History and Welsh second language at A Level.  But it was only luck that drew her to Welsh!

“In the end I chose Welsh because there was nothing else in that option column that I wanted to study!  As I followed the course though it became my favourite subject.  When I started doing Welsh at A Level my Mum starting learning too so it was great to be learning together.

 “The things I enjoyed most were meeting other Welsh learners, going to the National Eisteddfod and seeing how much progress I was making. 

 “I would encourage young people to watch Welsh TV programmes on S4C as much as possible, especially the rugby programmes!”

Sarah chose to study Welsh and History at Aberystwyth University and after graduating taught Welsh to adult learners.  “Speaking Welsh is essential to me, it is part of my identity now and I am proud to be able to say that I speak the language of my country.”