Sarita Marshall

Speaking Welsh will open up a whole new world to you

Sarita Marshall comes from Cardiff and went to Howell’s school.  At A Level she chose Welsh, English and French because those were the subjects she enjoyed most.  She loved studying poetry and other forms of literature and says that she found languages quite easy.  “The thing I enjoyed most about learning Welsh was feeling that I was reconnecting with my roots but I did find the different dialects difficult at times!”  Sarita has this advice for school learners, “Try to find opportunities to use Welsh in the real world, outside the classroom.  Speaking Welsh will open up a whole new world to you of community, culture and friends.” 

Sarita then went to Swansea University where she chose Welsh and English because she wanted to become completely fluent in Welsh as well as continue to study English Literature.  Sarita was taught Welsh by Professor Hywel Teifi Edwards whose words remain with her, “There is nothing more important than people’s stories and that story is in your hands.”

Since university Sarita has needed Welsh throughout her career.  First she worked for S4C as a broadcasting librarian, then she moved to the Welsh Assembly where she worked as an editor of the daily Record of Proceedings and as a deputy committee clerk.  Sarita is now a senior commissioning manager in the Welsh Government.

Looking back how did her family feel about her learning Welsh?  “At the start my parents were a bit unsure about it because I chose Welsh rather than another subject but now they’re very proud that I speak Welsh.”